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《景‧色》Labora-Terry Landscape】第一集《彡—毛鬙鬙》Episode 1 Hairy-fy
Hong Kong

Director: @rosepophalf
Producer: @kittyyeungsikyung
Concept, Choreographer and Performer: @tkfterry
Performer: @jackuenyk_afc
Composer/ Sound Designer: @po_wing_
Assistant Producer: @aliciasing
Director of Photography: @kendrakohyr
1st Assistant Camera: @chiuyatkin
2nd Assistant Camera: @kawai11111
Gaffer: @herophm
Electrician: @randysasa
Scenic Designer: @dabinlo_s
Assistant Scenic designer: @jacnjac, @justinxx, Will Cheng
Costume Designer: @sizzlingkingprawns
Make-up Artist: @zhanglooo
Editor: @kendrakohyr
Retoucher & Title Designer: @cynthiamok
Colorist: @fmlik_
Production Assistant : Yau Yu Ching

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Rose Ng | 2020 | @rosepophalf